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dish washer tablets

We offer various detergent tabs. 3 in 1, 5 in 1, 7 in 1, All in 1, Economy. packaged 500 pieces. On request other sizes possible.

Waschpulver Vegan

German Quality made in Europe!!! New Max buisness Therefore, our products are also New Max ideal for consumers who deliberately refrain from cultural or ethical reasons, on products with animal

Paletts , Household appliances

Range of household appliances All returned equipment! Various models from 60 to 80 pieces / pallet Special! Range of household appliances All returned equipment! Special offer! prospected buyers are a
340,00 €за Упаковочные единицы, 32 Упаковочные единицы доступно

Paletts 40 "container with 3500 household appliances, Sonderposten

We can put your orders wishes! (For example: to leave coffee machine or toaster peanut sauce) for this purpose the additional cost must be negotiated! Take advantage of our many years of experience in
2,99 €за шт., 25000 шт. доступно

NEW MAX Universal washing powder

New Max heavy-duty detergent from EU UNIVERSAL Vollwaschmittel 30 ° 40 ° 60 ° 90 ° C NEW MAX heavy-duty detergent is suitable for the use of household washing machines. For all-purpose detergent h